April 17, 2019

President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:  Good Evening…and welcome to the fourth monthly meeting of 2019. We are quickly turning the pages on another year. Happy Easter!  All Is Good…and spring looks great today! However, the next few days look like they will suit ducks better.  Lo and Behold… the annual Duck Race is rapidly approaching (like everything else does). Always held on the first Sunday in May and this year presenting a new look. This Chamber leadership has reinvented the festivities with more of a street fair atmosphere. Let’s hope for good weather and a good turnout!   Along with Spring… come the Spring Clean Up day on Saturday April 27th starting at 8am. There are a few areas that need serious attention, all to enhance the tidiness of our Forestville Village. C’mon out! There will be donuts and coffee!  Do You Ever Notice…the wonderful job the state of Connecticut does with their highway maintenance? It always seems litter free and that’s a lot of highway to take care of. Keep up the great work!  So How Did it Go?…the United Way Community Builders Reception was held on April 11th and attended by 7 village members (MJ, Bruce, Joan T., Ron T., Wendy T., Marcia & Don). The F.V.A. was a Silver Sponsor for the event and received 5 tickets and CACO Print Productions was a Bronze Sponsor and donated their 2 tickets to the F.V.A. A Thought of the Day…today we find ourselves remembering our dear friend and a fine gentleman, John Lobaczewski. We also remember Betty Boukus, a key figure in the resurgence of the village center. Always in our thoughts and prayers.  FVA Website…You can visit us at www.fvact.org Have you looked lately? Lots of info! Anyone interested in updating? 
City Village Report:  City Councilors – (Dave Mills): I apologize for not being able to attend the past couple of meetings. There have been conflicts in my schedule. I have a Salary Committee meeting at 4pm and a Budget Meeting at 5pm. (Presidents Notes: There is no need for apologies) - Things continue to move along with the Memorial Blvd. renovations, though there has been a setback. All plastic needs to be removed from the building, which is going to be a big expense. There are meetings on the renovations/updates every 2 weeks at the Board of Ed. and they are open to the public. With that being said, Things are happening and on a very aggressive schedule. Plans are coming together, and now is our opportunity. The first piece to open will be the theatre and thoughts are to bring in a “major act” as the first headliner. - The hospital building project has been moving along very well and has an anticipated completion date of July 2019. - The next phase using the lot behind the hospital building (parcel 10) will be an apartment building containing 12 apartments along with a restaurant on the lower level. This would complete the Main St. side of Centre Square. - One of the options considered for City Hall was to renovate the 10 Main St. property owned by D’Amato (purchased for $1.2 Million) who presented a renovation proposal for the entire building costing in the area of $22 Million. City officials decided to not pursue this financial venture at this time. - City officials are looking forward to filling some of the empty space in the downtown Centre Square area. Interest is up as we keep moving forward. Presidents Notes: If you haven’t seen last month’s senior newspaper “Prime Time”, Mills was the guy in their feature story. A wonderful article and great pictures of him and his family, as well as lovely pictures of his wife Joanne…a beautiful soul. 
 First Deputy, Leo Bonola (Remarks) – The Forestville Memorial Day Parade is up next. We will work along with Post 209 for a successful day. (Presidents Notes: Does he ever stop!) Monthly Drawing Winner:  Dave Pasqualicchio!! That’s right…I said it! The first time it has ever happened. One for the record books! Now we don’t have to hear him anymore!  Vice President, Rick Leach: (fearless leader) – In my opinion, the old Central High School should be where City Hall is. Also…the sign on Lincoln St. still has not been fixed.

 John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner, FLL) – The Pine Lake Fishing Derby will be held on Sat. May 11th  from 7am - noon. Maryellen was able to secure more stuff to be donated by Webster Bank for event day handouts.

 Lt. Rich Guerrera (Community relations officer) – No Report - My apologies for missing the past 2 months (Presidents Notes: No apologies necessary) - There will be a drug give back day on April 27th at the Bristol Senior Center - Distracted Drivers due to cell phone use is up and is a real serious problem. April is National Distracted Driver Awareness Month. Armed with Federal Grants, the police are on high alert. The theme is U Drive, U Text, U Pay. Tickets are $150 for first offense, $300 for second and $500 for three or more. - Joan Trafford mentioned: I called to police dept. due to cars parking by our house and they resolved the issue right away. Thank you very much for the quick response! - Gail Leach mentioned: There is a lot of discussion on Bristol Talks about kids on bikes riding through traffic. It is very careless and someone is going to get hurt.  - Rick Leach reminder: the sign is still not fixed.

Bruce Barton (Post 209) – Thank you to the F.V.A. for your continued support (especially with parade) and sponsorships! Things are going very well. We continue to be active with our community and are getting noticed by other Posts. Our Fishing Derby is coming up very soon (May 19th) and we have spent $3000 on stocking the pond. Don’t miss it! Registration starts at 6:30am with the event kicking off at 8:00am. Also, don’t miss out on some of our other events like the Pasta Supper, or Juke Box Bingo. Checkout our website for more information and happenings (www.americanlegionpost209.com).   F.V.A. Scholarship, Christine L.: We have a winner! We received applications from some very impressive students, but our winner this year is Quinn Vontell from Bristol Central High School! The scholarship award will be presented at the June 19th meeting.


Correspondence Report:   Maryellen Holden - Get Well Sent – To Sandy Gozzo for ankle injury - Note of Congratulations  -  To Ron Trafford for Military Recognition.


 Treasurer Report: Mary Jane Lindquist – All accounts are in good standing. Questions were asked about the high costs of Insurance premiums and since there are really no more event planning at the moment, could the costs be adjusted. Dave P. will reach out to Tom Nye to find out. All monthly reports are available at Nuchies.


Membership 2019: Mary Jane Lindquist – It is time to renew your membership. Current 2019 Totals: Family – 47, Business – 38. Presidents Note: Wish more lapsed members would show their support by paying their dues. Beautification: - Golartz building (interior, windows, etc..) needs to be cleaned up. It’s an eyesore. Something has to be done. How about some paper or paint!

Historical Markers:  Rex Hamilton Marker: Will be placed in the Central Square Island Bed.  Historical Marker #7: Manross Library Is next on the docket. Christine has done some really nice work putting together some pertinent information on the property. If anyone has anything to share, please get it to me.  Note: Donna G. mentioned that the location for personal memories placed at Central Square be called “The Honor   Circle”. That has a nice sound to it.  


Fundraising 2019: Pasta Auction – Goal would be to have the next pasta auction in the fall. Suggestions (?)


Upcoming Events 2019: TBA 
Next Meeting: Wednesday June 19th,  2019 @ Nuchie’s – Meeting Time 5:30pm


If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to….               Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Lindquist, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010 
Individual/ Family- $20.00_____, Non-Profit- $25.00______, Business - $50.00_______ 
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