January 16th, 2019


     ·  A Buffet Dinner…The 2019 F.V.A. season started at 4:30pm, with its annual dinner sponsored by Nuchies Restaurant. 

     ·  What We All Look Forward To…The traditional “Reading of the Card” is something we have come to know and love. That special moment that helps provide a summary of the year past. Authored by our very own Maryellen Holden and read by the F.V.A.’s long standing President, Dave P.

     ·   2018 Recap Summary…We moved at a slower pace due to fewer activities, but we continue to bond. We are a close knit group…a special group. Coach Calhoun would refer to a great athlete as a “special player”. I have a whole group of special players and we just keep continuing to grow. The best news of 2018 was when Rick Leach announced at the Carol Sing that he is cancer free! Welcome to new members Wendy Trafford and Debbie McCusker who have provided a much needed boost to the work role within the F.V.A.

     ·   2019 Goals/Vision…As age progresses in all…let us work smarter and enjoy the ride and time spent together!

President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:    

      ·  Happy New Year!…Welcome to all! Everyone seems to be excited to be here tonight. The room seems to have a special buzz to it.

      ·  The Olga Mallet Starts 2019…As always, we begin the monthly meeting with the knock of the “Olga Mallet”. Though she may no longer be with us, her spirit will continue to guide us through as we start each meeting.

      ·  The 17th Annual Carol Sing…Is in the books! A new venue (indoors at Nuchies) provided a warm festive holiday atmosphere for all. The event was well attended with 150 people sharing greetings, stories, cookies and hot chocolate. Though Santa was there, Maryellen Holden stole the show with her heartfelt stories. We also had very special guest…our Beauty Queens, Miss Forestville, Jaymie Bianca and Miss Bristol, Micayla Barrows and their supporting cast. A very nice addition to the evening. A great job by Al Goodwin as the event DJ. Thank you to Father Gary (Monsignor Simeone) for telling, “The Man in the Window” story. Maybe next year a song list would be helpful. Presidents Note: I did just okay as the event MC. Felt I could have done better. I was encouraged by Maryellen to continue the roll at the 2019 event with some very kind words she had for me. Thanks Maryellen!

      ·  Casino Bus Trip Recap… We had 9 buses, carrying 465 people, roll through Forestville on their way to Mohegan Sun. There was fun had by all! An easy fundraiser that helped us net $8,350 to go towards beautifying our village. I could not do it alone…so thank you to my son-in-law Brian Kaye and sister Debbie Kreniski and of course Leo Bonola! A special shout out to John Gianoni and the St. Joes Polish Society for filling a bus and a half (70). Also The Healing Corner’s Geri Ann Bradley for her efforts! Though the weather was not the best (it poured) and there were a few bus issues (mechanically) we still had a good time and Post Road has promised to keep the prices the same next year.

      ·  Duck Race Discussion… What kind of involvement should the F.V.A. have? After a vote on the floor, it was decided that we will assist in the selling of a block of tickets (100 or 200) and that will be the extent of our involvement this year.

      ·  On A Personal Note… Over the holidays, I found out that I am going to be a Grandfather….YES ME! My daughter Victoria will be due this summer. Also, my daughter Brianna will be getting married on June 8th. It is going to be a busy year!


      ·  I Would Like To See…more support membership wise. If you like what you see, please support the F.V.A. with a financial commitment. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us continue to beautify this wonderful town!

      ·  FVA Website…Thank you Paul Kowalczyk for keeping things up to date!! You can visit us at www.fvact.org


City Village Report:

      ·  City Councilors – (Dave Mills) – The medical building is on schedule to open this summer. It will be great for downtown! The lot to the right of the medical building is being sold as well, with a proposed 4 story building housing 12-15 apartments, along with retail space and the possible addition of a restaurant. Construction could begin this summer. There is talk of a new mountain bike trail in Rockwell Park. Something similar to what they have in West Harford and other communities. Did you know there is a Disc Golf League at Page Park? Instead of hitting a ball in a hole, they throw a disc into a basket. The Park is looking to improve the area and this ads a nice new dimension. The City has hired a new Park Dept. Director and is looking to fill 2 Director positions’ which are currently vacant (Personnel Dir. & Public Works Dir.)

  • Presidents Notes: Dave M. apologized for being late. Every third Wednesday of the month he has city related meetings at 4pm and 5pm. No apology necessary Mr. Mills! We appreciate whatever time you can give to our Association!!

      · First Deputy, Leo Bonola (Remarks) – First off, I would like to start by thanking all the helpful hands we had with our Christmas Center decoration. Thank you Roy, Ron, Don, Marsha, Joan & Debbie! Now, onto the Bus Trip…a special thank you to each of our captions. We had a little trouble getting there, but we still had a great time! There was a question on why we don’t have 2 bus trips a year. Two bus trips just won’t work. As Donna G. had stated…It has always been the first Saturday in January and it is the best time. It has become a tradition and is the reason for its success!

Monthly Drawing Winner:  No drawing this month


· Vice President, Rick Leach: (fearless leader) – Thank you for all the prayers and support! My port has been removed and I am officially cancer free. Just a reminder to Lt. Guerrera…the sign at Lincoln St. & Rt. 72 has still not been fixed (first noted at Sept. 2018 meeting).  


· John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner, FLL) – It was a busy holiday season, as my daughter Julie was recently married! The Pine Lake Fishing Derby will be held on Sat. May 11th. We are currently looking for donations.


· Lt. Rich Guerrera (Community relations officer) – Today marks the 89th Anniversary of the first Bristol Police Officer ever killed in the line of duty. On this day in 1930, office James McNamee lost his life when he was shot during an attempted car theft. Bristol PD went to Massachusetts today to place a wreath on his grave. Since that time, our city has lost two more officers in the line of duty.


· Bruce Barton (Post 209) – Happy to announce that we currently have 92 members! If you would like to know what we are up to, go to YouTube and search for our “Veterans Corner”. A 25 minute video where you can see what Post 209 has been up to, as well as what type of events to look forward to. For example, in Dec. we did Santa’s cash where we gave out gifts in a parking lot. Nice gifts like, drones and motor cars. No pictures, no names, just giving back. Also, check us out www.americanlegionpost209.com to see what’s coming up.

  • Presidents Notes: We again welcome Post 209’s Bruce Barton and wife Edie!


· F.V.A. Scholarship, Christine L.: Applications are in the schools and need to be returned by March 15th.


Correspondence Report:   Maryellen Holden

- Note of Sympathy – To Barbara Nye for the passing of her sister Beverly Bobrowski

- Note of Congratulations  -  To Dave Hamelin on his retirement


Treasurer Report: Mary Jane Lindquist – All accounts are in good standing. The year end, as well as all monthly reports are available at Nuchies. Presidents Notes: MJ slowly went over expenses for December. You would be surprised to see the bills you can compile for such a small organization.


Membership 2019: Mary Jane Lindquist – It is time to renew your membership. The cost is still the same, $20 for families and $50 for businesses. Presidents Notes: It would be great if every member could bring in one new member!

Current 2019 Totals: Family – 18 (3 are new), Business – 3.



  • A very nice job done on the Village Center Christmas decorations. Many compliments from the people passing by. Thanks to all who contributed. We kept costs in check.

Historical Markers:

      ·  Rex Hamilton Marker: Will be placed in the Central Square Island Bed.

      ·  Historical Marker #7: Manross Library (talked to Tom Dickau and he will provide some information)


Fundraising 2019:

     · Suggestions (?)


 Upcoming Events 2019:

     · Summer Concert (?) – The Parks trailer for staging is not available on Tuesdays or Wednesdays this upcoming season. Also, there is a cost of $450 to relocate the stage from Rockwell Park. In addition to that, we would be looking at a cost of approx. $500 for the band. Not sure, but it looks like the F.V.A. Summer Concert Series will be unable to continue.


Next Meeting –Wednesday February 13th,  2019 @ Nuchie’s – Meeting Time 5:30pm

If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to….               Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Lindquist, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010

Individual/ Family- $20.00_____, Non-Profit- $25.00______, Business - $50.00_______

Voluntary Donation - $________






Let us remember to support the businesses and non- profit organizations, who support us!

Albert & Korn, CPA’s


Hartford County Tattoo


Allied Sanitation, Inc.


Hillside Community Church


American Clock & Watch Museum


Korean Veterans Association Bristol

American Legion Forestville Post 209


Martel Home Improvement, LLC


Arf Arf Grooming, LLC


Max Pizza


Arrow Manufacturing


M.R. Home Care, Inc.


Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc.


Nuchies Restaurant


Black Bear Auto, LLC


Nye Insurance Agency


Bristol Instrument Gears, Inc.


O’Brien Funeral Home


Bristol Police Union

One Fifty Central


Broad Street Self Storage


Peter Roberge Painting Company


CACO Print Productions, LLC


RB Transmissions, LLC


City True Value Hardware


Rt. 72 Liquors


Costello Landscaping, LLC


Sassu Cuts, LLC


Cousins Oil


Scarritt Spas & Hot Tubs, LLC


Classic Plumbing By Reno


SERVPRO of Bristol


Crowley Auto Group


Simply Hair


Custom Grounds


St. Joseph Polish Society


DTF Remodeling, LLC.


St. Matthew R.C. Church


Farmington  Bank


The Healing Corner




Ultimate Wireforms, Inc.


Fletcher Properties


Tollman Spring Co.


Fontaine Mechanical Heating & A/C


United Way of W.C. CT


Forestville Lawn Care


Webster Bank – Forestville


Forestville Little League


White Insulation, Inc.




Now Accepting 2019 Membership Dues