Minutes / Newsletter
                                                                               February 17th, 2021

President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:
The Monthly Meeting…started a few minutes late. I was on a call list for my first vaccine shot, so had to run out 
when I received the call. I returned to a full room (nice surprising turnout) of membership wondering where I was.

A Used Car Lot?…the buzz around the start of the meeting was in regards to all the cars in the parking lot and if 
Nuchies had turned into a used car lot. I had explained that Nuchies had signed a contract with a dealership, to 
use the lot to temporarily park cars. I also had to explain that there was an immediate complaint from someone, 
which caused the city to look into the zoning of the property. The zoning showed that the property is not zoned 
for unregistered vehicles. Our Honorable Mayor stepped in to help mediate the situation and calm the issue for 
now. Brittany Barney (in attendance) also mentioned there could possibly be a variance that could help alleviate 
the problem.

 It’s Finally Here…winter has placed its firm “snow print” on things since we last gathered. Numerous storms, 
winds and cold temperatures have put a strangle hold on us all, and with Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow, 
we are now in for an additional 6 more weeks of winter!

 As We Put 2020 Behind Us…and hopefully some Covid restrictions, we look ahead towards people getting 
vaccinated. The City Officials have done an admirable job keeping us informed, especially the attention to the 
senior population, as to when we can get vaccinated and where. The Senior Center, as well as Bristol Health are 
doing their best to get the job done quickly and organized, while caring for our most vulnerable. Are you planning 
on getting the shot when called upon?

 Insurance…The F.V.A. is currently operating without Property Loss Insurance. We decided last year that, due to 
Covid, the lack of events and drop in revenue, that we would forego coverage. 
 The 5pm Start Time…might serve well for all moving forward. Time will tell!

 A New Face In The Crowd…Tonight we welcome Karen from the office of Asbury Methodist Church. Asbury is next 
on the F.V.A.’s radar for Historical Marker #9. Karen is elated to have Asbury chosen for this distinctive honor. She 
would also like to implement a program Passport to all Markers, which could be fun for both children and adults 
alike. Karen provided a quick historical overview of the property and also provided a write-up as well. Thanks for 
stopping by Karen and providing all this wonderful information!

 Finally…please, please, please make every effort to pay your membership dues. It is so important to the overall 
operating budget. Family memberships are only $20 and Businesses $50. How about signing up a new member? 
The F.V.A. does not require that much time and involvement.

 FVA Website…You can visit us at www.fvact.org Have you looked lately? Lots of info! Anyone interested in 

City Village Report:
President Remarks: What a pleasant surprise! Our old friend and former City Councilor, Dave Mills is present at 
this evenings meeting. Nice to see you Dave! Also, the Mayors team has consistently been attending meetings, 
keeping the F.V.A. abreast of city movements during these uncertain times and tonight is no exception, as we 
welcome City Councilors Brittany Barney (3rd Dist.) and Greg Hahn (1st Dist.).

City Councilor (Brittany Barney – 3rd District)…
- Good evening everyone! Thank you for having me tonight! I have had my own personal experience with 
Covid. I have had to quarantine from my daughter and husband. I quickly learned how real this virus is. I 
have had both my vaccine shots and after my 2nd one, experienced both fatigue and headache.
- It is so important for the F.V.A. to continue. I encourage people to get involved and thank you for all you 
- Plans for a Dunkin Donuts on East Main St. Forestville, is moving forward. A permit was pulled on 
February 10th.
- The Trulieve Marijuana Clinic on East Main St. would consider expanding with the States approval of 
recreational marijuana. 
- This is also interest in a parcel along Rt. 72, behind O’Brien Funeral Home, which is currently under 
- The winter is putting a strain on the city snow budget. Public Works equipment is wearing down and the 
Salt Shed is low and it is difficult to get right now. - The Bristol Senior Center will be offering appointments to get vaccinated. 
- The City will be hiring a large amount of Police Officers and Fire Fighters over the next few years, due in 
part to a large block of retirees. Let the public know….BRISTOL IS HIRING! 

City Councilor (Greg Hahn – 1st District)…
- Nice to see everyone! I too have had the “Covid Experience” as well, back in December and wondered 
where we will go with it. However, once I made it through, I felt like a new man! Like I received a “Get 
out of Jail free card”….so made my way out to visit Pint & Plate and Better Half Brewing.
- There is a lot happening in Bristol and I am very excited in the direction we are heading.
- D’Amato Construction will be relocating offices to the 5th floor at 10 Main, with hopes of revitalizing the 
building with “Class A” office space. They have also purchased the Webster Bank property, with the 
potential of renovating that to office space, all in the continued effort of bringing people downtown.
- Carrier Construction will be constructing 3 building on the Center Mall Property, with each building 
consisting of 30 apartments and will be used for both Commercial and Residential. They have also been 
working on the Luxury Apartments/Townhouses on Main St., which are nearing completion. 
- The Southeast Business Park has a lot going on lately, which includes interest in 4 new parcels 
- There are plans to construct a Memorial Blvd. Riverside Ave. Bridge this year, with the potential to be 
completed this fall. (A rendering of the bridge was shown to membership, which had them buzzing with 
- Even with what we have experienced in the past year, our City has experienced much growth and our 
Mayor feels we should expect that trend to continue.

Presidents Notes: Bristol certainly seems to be on the right track! Hard work pays off! Thank you 
both for attending tonight!

First Deputy, Leo Bonola (Remarks) – Not much to say this meeting. Considering a few fundraisers, but have some 
questions in regards to the states gambling permits. Is there any information on the Forestville Memorial Day 
Parade?? Presidents Note: Dave Mills wondered what restrictions would be in place for a Pasta Supper. He also 
mentioned maybe selling a used car from Nuchies lot LOL!

Vice President, Rick Leach: (fearless leader) – No Report

John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner, FLL) – The new bulletin board looks great (picture displayed at meeting)!
You should stop by and take a look! Our 2021 Fishing Derby will take place on May 6th. I have seen a few people 
ice fishing during this cold stretch. Many trees have fallen during the winter storms, but the environmental cleanup is going well and is now down to the bridge.

Bruce Barton (Post 209) – Good evening! The Post 209 Fishing Derby will be held on May 16th at Rockwell Park. 
Next Monday’s Blood Drive at the Double Tree will be our first of the year. Last year we held 13 drives. Volunteers 
are always needed, so please let us know if you can help. JukeBox Bingo is back, if Covid welcomes it, so reserve 
early (April 30 – Oct. 9). It is so much fun, with a very talented DJ. The Post will continue with the very successful 
online Auction, though the outside Auction is questionable. For all updated Post 209 event information and 
happenings, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ALpost209. We are always accepting new 

Christine Levesque (FVA Scholarship) – Presidents Notes: Christine is present this evening, but I need to address 
last month’s update. Myself/F.V.A. Officials were not aware that the scholarship application had already been 
placed in the schools when we had decided at the January meeting, to hold back the 2021 Scholarship due to 
circumstances over the past year. Also, no one had notified Christine of this decision. I would like to apologize to 
Christine, as well as Maryellen Holden, for our quick decision without confirming with everyone first. It was just a 
misunderstanding all around, but all is good now and there will indeed be a 2021 Scholarship! 

Correspondence Report: Maryellen Holden
- Note of Thanks Received – from Steve Krenicki for the bench dedication for wife Debbie. 
- Note of Thanks Received – from Jacob Santiago for receiving the F.V.A. 2020 Scholarship.
- If there is a member who is not well and you would like us to send a card, please let us know.

Treasurer Report:. Mary Jane Lindquist –
- All accounts are in good standing. All monthly reports, as well as the 2020 year end are available at Nuchies.
- A Big Thank You to Costello Landscaping for their $450 donation, on top of their $50 dues. Greatly Appreciated!
- F.V.A. Donations: Bob Watson Scholarship-$100, Pine Lake Fishing Derby-$100, Post 209 Fishing Derby-$100Membership 2021: Mary Jane Lindquist 
- 2021 Beginning Totals: Family – 21, Business – 27.

- Please do your part to keep our City clean. Every little bit helps!

Historical Markers:
  Historical Marker #8: Betty Boukus, to be installed in the Honor Circle in late March and dedication early April.
  Historical Marker #9: Asbury Church Property.

Fundraising 2021: - TBA

Upcoming Events 2021: - TBA

               Next Meeting –Wednesday March 24th, 2021 @ Nuchie’s – Meeting Time 5:00pm 
If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to…. 
Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Lindquist, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010 
Individual/ Family- $20.00_____, Non-Profit- $25.00______, Business - $50.00_______ 
Voluntary Donation - $________ 

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American Clock & Watch Museum 583-6070            Martel Home Improvement, LLC 583-9305
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City True Value Hardware 582-6366                         Rt. 72 Liquors 540-0037
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Forestville Lawn Care 583-7275                              Tollman Spring Co. 583-1326
Forestville Little League 620-2692                           United Way of W.C. CT 582-9559
Hartford County Tattoo 589-5000                            Webster Bank – Forestville 584-3623

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