Minutes / Newsletter

January 19th, 2022


 President’s Report:

  • Rick Leach thanked people for attending the first meeting of 2022. He did see Dave Mills and communicated with him regarding the meeting, but Dave had an athletic event to attend.


City Village Report:

      Leo Bonola, First Deputy: – Dave Pasqualicchio reached out to me and wanted to tell us that he hoped we all had a nice holiday and he wished us all a Happy New Year!

      Christine Levesque: – Per a vote of the members present, the F.V.A. Scholarship will continue. The scholarship has been renamed and will be The Dave Pasqualicchio Forestville Village Association Scholarship.

      John Gianoni:  – Regarding Pine Lake, the city will be removing trees that have fallen into the lake. Birch Street residents are willing to help by giving the city access to the lake via their properties. The annual Fishing Derby is still scheduled to take place this year.

Bruce Barton (American Legion Post 209): – Post 209 collected 646 units of blood at our Red Cross Blood Drives over the 2021 year. The next Blood Drive that we are sponsoring will be Monday, January 24, 2022 at the Doubletree from 8:30 AM-6:00pm. The Christmas Raffle that Post 209 held was very successful, as was the Walk-a-thon that took place. The proceeds from the Walk-a-thon went to the Prudence Crandall Center. We may “spruce the event up” next year. Thank you to those that attended the Veterans’ Day ceremony at Quinlan Park. I assured the F.V.A. members that Post 209 will always hold a Veterans’ Day ceremony at Quinlan Park. There will not be a 4 Chaplains Ceremony this year due to Covid. Also due to Covid, the Memorial Day Parade for 2022 is on hold. There is money in the bank for the parade, but the City is not giving out permits at this time. Members of Post 209 continue to visit with veterans at Village Green. The post has donated puzzles, crossword books, etc. to the Village Green. If any F.V.A. member knows of a veteran who is in need of someone to visit him/her, let me know.  Lastly, Home Depot now offers veterans a 10% discount similar to Lowes, but I do not have any particulars as to what Home Depot would need in order for the veterans to register.  For all updated Post 209 event information and happenings, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ALpost209. We are always accepting new members.

     Maryellen Holden: On behalf of Bill at CACO, would the F.V.A. like to continue the production on Historical Marker #9 for Asbury Methodist Church? The current times have shown an increase in material costs, so the marker will cost approx. $2,000 when it’s all said and done. Rick stated that he would like Bill to continue with the marker, and those present agreed.

      Mary Jane Lindquist, Treasurer: In our checking account, we currently have $232.62.  Rick stated that, as an organization, we have $35,000 total and we must consider the bills that need to be paid over the course of the year. As a group, we must hold some fundraisers. Rick asked that someone check with Marilyn’s Restaurant to see if we would be able to hold a Pasta Supper fundraiser there. Also, just a reminder to all that it is time to renew your individual F.V.A. memberships for 2022 and I will invoice our business members as well.


Historical Markers:

         The Historical Marker program will continue, as we move forward with the Asbury Methodist Church marker.



Election of F.V.A. Officers:

          The following officers were elected to serve in 2022….

  • President: John Gianoni

  • Vice President: Rick Leach

  • Treasurer: Mary Jane Lindquist


     President John Gianoni (remarks):

All future meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of the month, with a start time of 6:00pm


Since mail goes to Nuchie’s, we will get a PO Box at the Forestville Post Office. There will be two keys to access the PO Box. Once we have the PO Box, I will let Christine know so that she can communicate that the scholarship applications should be mailed to the PO Box.


Mary Jane and I will go to the bank to have my name put on the FVA checks.

I would like us to have the Carol Sing again this year.

The members discussed the fact that we need to strengthen the organization with more members, preferably young people. Kit Critchley recommended that we call the Bristol Press to let them know that we still exist as an organization and that we are strong. Maryellen added that she believes Bob Montgomery’s column is popular and read by many. She would be happy to reach out to Bob. Penny Critchley stressed the fact that we only have 38 members, and that we need to get the word out that we need more members. Donna Gianoni suggested that we have a Meet & Greet in an effort to build the membership; however, we would need a fun activity if we hold that event. Donna agreed that it would need to be planned well. Christine asked that members each bring an idea for an activity for the Meet & Greet to the next meeting.  Once planned, we would need to ask every member of the organization to attend the Meet & Greet. Leo said that in the past, if you attended a meeting, you had the chance to win $20. That might attract people.  I think we should start that back up in March.

Regarding fundraising, Peg Bonola suggested that we think about having the Prize-a-Day monthly calendar printed. We could then sell them for $10.00 each. We would need to go out to solicit prizes from the community and individuals. Maryellen added that in an effort to save some money, we should ask the members that have email addresses, but still have the FVA Newsletter sent to them via the US Postal Service, if they would share their email address with Bill at CACO so that we could save the money that he/we pay for postage.

I would like to have a calendar of events published. I would also like us to file with the State of CT. to become an official 501 c-3 non-profit Organization. Many members told John that it takes a long time and a great amount of work to file that application.


Additional Notes:

  • Members thanked Roy for securing the meeting room at Asbury for our meeting.

  • We discussed making a donation to the church.


Next Meeting – Wednesday February 16,  2022, 6:00pm

@ Asbury Methodist Church


If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to….               Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Lindquist, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010

Individual/ Family- $20.00_____, Non-Profit- $25.00______, Business - $50.00_______

Voluntary Donation - $________





      Let us remember to support the businesses and non- profit organizations, who support us!


Albert & Korn, CPA’s


Hillside Community Church


Allied Sanitation, Inc.


Korean Veterans Association Bristol


American Clock & Watch Museum


Max Pizza


American Legion Forestville Post 209


M.R. Home Care, Inc.


Arf Arf Grooming, LLC


Nuchies Restaurant


Arrow Manufacturing


Nye Insurance Agency


Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc.


O’Brien Funeral Home


Black Bear Auto, LLC


One Fifty Central


Bristol Instrument Gears, Inc.


Peter Roberge Painting Company


Bristol Police Union

Red Shed Christmas Trees


Broad Street Self Storage


RB Transmissions, LLC


CACO Print Productions, LLC


Rt. 72 Liquors


City True Value Hardware


Scarritt Spas & Hot Tubs, LLC


Costello Landscaping, LLC


SERVPRO of Bristol


Cousins Oil


Simply Hair


Crowley Auto Group


St. Matthew R.C. Church


DTF Remodeling, LLC.


Ultimate Wireforms, Inc.




Tollman Spring Co.


Fletcher Properties


United Way of W.C. CT


Forestville Lawn Care


Webster Bank – Forestville


Hartford County Tattoo



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Thank You!