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July 13th, 2016


President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:    

     ·  Knock, Knock…..The meeting is called to order promptly at “noon”, with the banging of the Olga Mallet

     ·  Well, Well, Here We Go……Summer is once again moving along very quickly! Especially when you reach “that age”! And what age is that?? Well, I have a motto that I live by, it states, “When you are drinking a six pack and you consume four of them, finish the damn six pack”! You only go this way once, so you mind as well have fun!

      ·  High Noon…...Today we held our monthly meeting at noon for the very first time since the associations’ existence. Nuchies kindly provided a light lunch to show my appreciation and sincere gratitude to my people for all their constant work and dedication throughout the year. Thank you for all you do!!

     ·  The Streak Continues…...Well, it’s another rain out! This time the F.V.A. summer concert, as part of the City’s summer concert series, held on June 28th had lousy weather and was a bit of a washout. Despite that, the concert still went on and the music sounded great! Unfortunately, due to the poor turnout, not many people were able to hear it.

     ·  Halfway Point…...It’s that time already! More than half the year gone and only 3 meeting remaining for 2016. Continue to push for the commitment towards bettering Forestville. If you like what you see, please consider joining our association. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! See you in September!

    ·  Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!…...A kind warning that I am moving into your village of Forestville on Aug. 10th. Lucky You! See you soon!

    ·  Finally…...Chuck Woodin is one good man who truly cares about this community. Chuck is the only person who stood up when the Forestville Parade was in jeopardy of dissolving. That says a lot about a person! Also, Chuck established Legion Post 209 in our town because he likes what he sees around him. Continue the great work Chuck and thank you for everything you do for the F.V.A and our town.


City Village Report:

      · City Councilor (3rd District) – Dave Mills (R) – There was a city ordinance pertaining to food trucks pulling up to events without a city food permit, which is at a cost of $500 per year. Through a “swift course of action” by the efforts of city councilor Dave Preleski and local attorney Conlin, there is now the opportunity which will allow vendors a one day “event pass” at a cost of $50. The goal is to encourage a friendly Bristol climate and to also show that if we want to get something done, it can be achieved just by people working together and it does not require all the “red tape”.

  • The summer Park & Rec Programs are going strong. There have been some comments/questions/concerns in regards to the price increase and people wondering if they can afford it. The programs offer an environment conducive to learning and helps educate our children, as well as provides full daycare service. The increase actually puts us more in line with other programs offering similar environments.

  • The football fields at BCHS and BEHS are currently under construction. The hope is for a fall completion. It would be great to see the seniors have an opportunity to play on the new fields.

  • Downtown is now occupied, which is great news! The old Cigna building on Valley St. is now occupied by a Call Center which is currently accepting employment applications. There could be the potential of 400 new jobs which could eventually cover 3 shifts. Training will be provided, with the average starting salary ranging from  $10.37 - $13.00 per hour. This, coupled with the Hospitals plans for Centre Square is a really great step forward for downtown.

  • Q&A: Question: (Joan T.) – What’s with the car break-ins in the Chippens Hill area?

           Answer: (Dave M.) – That’s society today. It happens all over.

  • Note from President Dave P. -  Mr. Councilor (the one and only) Dave Mills, has done a wonderful job of keeping us informed of any and all information/issues pertaining to our city. I sometimes wonder if he is the lone representative of our city!? Keep up the good work Dave!

       · First Deputy, Leo Bonola – The decision of whether or not the summer concert should still happen due to the rain, was still in question as of the morning of the event. The F.V.A. had concerns, but the City decided to move forward with the show. During the concert, I realized that the F.V.A.  was not receiving the proper recognition for sponsoring the event. This was brought to the bands attention and they rightfully announced the F.V.A. as the main sponsor.

  • Monthly Drawing Winner:  No monthly drawing


· Vice President, Rick Leach – No words of wisdom this month. See you next meeting.

· Kristen Varano (Facebook Page, FLL) - If you have any information, or pictures you would like to share on our Facebook page, please send to Kristen @ kdvarano@comcast.net.


· John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner) – No Report


· Chuck Woodin (FMDP) – The fall pasta / auction will be announced soon.


· Chuck Woodin  (Post 209 Spokesperson) –  Support Post 209 efforts. Meetings are held every 3rd Monday of the month at Asbury. Due to summer hours, there will be no meetings held in July & August, but will return again starting in September


· Lt. Rich Guerrera (Community relations officer) – No Report


Treasurer Report: Mary Jane Johnson – I’m sad to report that the F.V.A. has still not received our portion of the Pequabuck River Duck Race proceeds. The Chamber has stated that they are still waiting on a few invoices (from over 3 months ago), so they can finalize their numbers. Other than that, all is going well with our finances. We are looking to possibly consolidate our accounts to 2 banks, as well as invest a portion of the money.


Membership 2016: Mary Jane Johnson –  There are currently 67 Families and 27 Businesses. Through our continued efforts month after month, year after year, our hope is that a higher number of families and businesses would show some financial support. It is never too late to pay your dues. Your $20 (family) / $50 (business) investment goes a long way! Membership forms are always available at Nuchies. If you are unsure if you have already renewed, please contact Mary Jane Johnson @ janie06010@gmail.com. Also accepting “In Memory/Honor Of” Memorial donations. 


Beautification (The Staple Of Our Base):

  • There is a need for designated areas for additional litter pick up! Take a peek, look around for unsightly stuff. Haul it, weed it, mow it, clear it. All adds up to a better Forestville. A few hours can make a big difference!

  • Quinlan Bricks (4th Phase) – Is completed! All 15 bricks have been installed by Mr. Bob Martel. Bob has also mentioned that there is room for an additional 10 bricks if anyone is interested. Also, I special thanks to Ron Trafford for his time with coordinating everything with the install.


Correspondence Report:   Mary Ellen Holden

 - Note of Sympathy  – To Jack and Nancy Skelskey for the passing of their mom Jennie (the cake lady) Otnisky.

           -  Memorial Donation Received  – Donations have been received in memory of Jennie Otnisky and the totals will be reported in the next newsletter.

 - Memorial Donation Received  – Donations received in memory of John Lasnier, has totaled $167.00 to date.


 Historical Markers:

      ·  Historical Marker #3: Nuchies Restaurant


Upcoming Events 2016:

· Pumpkin Festival – Sunday, October 30th



      · 2016 Christmas Ornament (13th) – “The Duck Race” – Dave to do follow up. Also reordering 25 O’Brien Funeral Home Ornaments.


Next FVA meeting – Wednesday September 14th,  2016 – Nuchie’s – Business meeting 5:30pm

If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Johnson, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010

Individual/ Family- $20.00_____, Non-Profit- $25.00______, Business - $50.00_______

Voluntary Donation - $________







Let us remember to support the businesses and non- profit organizations, who support us!


Albert & Korn, CPA’s


Korean Veterans Association Bristol

Allied Sanitation, Inc.


Lassy Tools, Inc.


American Clock & Watch Museum


LFD Bristol, Inc.


American Legion Bristol Post #2

Marilyn’s Pub


American Legion Forestville Post 209


Martel Home Improvement


Arf Arf Grooming, LLC


Max Pizza


Arrow Manufacturing


Nuchies Restaurant


Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc.


Nye Insurance Agency


Black Bear Auto, LLC


O’Brien Funeral Home


Bristol Instrument and Gears, Inc.


One Fifty Central


Bristol Police Union Local 754

Palma’s Diner


CACO Print Productions, LLC


Peter Roberge Painting Company


City True Value Hardware


Power Fuels


Classic Plumbing By Reno


RB Transmissions, LLC


Cousins Oil


Redshed Christmas Trees


Crowley Auto Group


Rt. 72 Liquors


DTF Remodeling, LLC.


Sassu Cuts, LLC (Joseph)


Farmington  Bank


Scarritt Spas & Hot Tubs, LLC




Simply Hair


First Class Automotive, LLC


St. Joseph Polish Society


Fletcher Properties


St. Matthew R.C. Church


Fontaine Mechanical Heating & A/C


TD Bank

Forestville Lawn Care


The Healing Corner


Forestville Little League


The Ultimate Companies, Inc.


Greater Bristol Labor Council


Tollman Spring Co.


Green Hills PTA


United Way of W.C. CT


Hartford County Tattoo


Webster Bank – Forestville


Hillside Community Church


White Insulation, Inc.


Italian Social Club




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