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     June 21st, 2017


President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:    

     ·  My First Thought Tonight… Well, well….it is the first day of summer for 2017. Remember those days when the “songs of summer” would let you know it was that time of year. The beach….boyfriends and girlfriends….all the fond memories! Anyway, have a nice summer! 

      ·  More Good News…...I have left your town (village) and moved back to the city of Bristol. I can be found at 1389 Stafford Ave., “The Janicks” (over 55) and most people are older than you people (HaHa). It’s wonderful there! Also, this will allow me more time to take care of the village “Property Management”. With that, I will spend a few more dollars, but the results will follow. Beauty, tidy, a lot more compliments! Oh Yeah! Why not pick up some litter, or pull down an outdated tag sale or lost dog sign. (Dave asked Lt. Rich Guerrera “what is the city ordinance on posting and removing signs from telephone poles” and the Lieutenant will check and get back to the F.V.A.)

     ·  Unfortunate Weather Conditions…...Once again played a part in an F.V.A. event. This time it was the Duck Race that had to deal with the lousy weather and high water table, which also presented issues for Clean Harbor and the boom location. Thank goodness we have Leo Bonola on our side, as his knowledge of the river and quick thinking, helped save the Duck Day festivities. Leo suggested that the finish line be moved closer to the sandbar under the bridge and it worked! Without Leo’s suggestion, the event could not take place, as there is no way the boom would have held under the current conditions. Leo sure does know his river and once again, comes through in the clutch!

     ·  Will Duck Race Continue…...With F.V.A. support? This is a discussion that needs to be had. The committee is tired and losing steam. Each year there is less interest/involvement with the same team members doing the work of selling year in and year out. Trying to sell 5,000 tickets that way is very difficult and even after all the work is put in, it becomes somewhat frustrating to see the turnout, despite the weather conditions. Other towns seem to be able to have spirited “Block Party” type gatherings, but we seem to lack the luster. Why don’t families support this fine event? What do you think? The discussion on the F.V.A.’s continued involvement in the Duck Race needs to be had by the core group partnership and presented to Cheryl Thibeault by her requested date of Labor Day.

     ·  Nuchies Should Have A Decision…..As to if the Duck Race would take place in the same location, if the F.V.A. would relinquish their involvement, as the “shutdown” of the area would prevent any business opportunities for the establishment. Cheryl  T. states that the city of Bristol can determine the location of where the event takes place.

     ·  The Forestville Memorial Day Parade…...Seems to follow the same pattern as the Duck Race. Small turnouts, less participation and viewer’s, less money, less interest. There just seems to be no spark. Other communities have fallen off as well and cancelled their parades due to lack of involvement and budget restraints. Should our parade continue? The decision is up to Post 209, Chuck Woodin and the MDTP Committee. In my opinion (Dave P.), I would have a small service at Quinlan Park which would consist of the playing of taps, laying of a wreath, singing the National Anthem and a gun salute, to show respect for all the fallen members of our military.

     ·  It’s Finally Here…...The Summer Concert Series lands in Forestville next Tuesday (6/27) at 6:30pm, hosted by Ultimate Companies, with entertainment provided by the “World Renown” Chapparells”. Pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the beauty of Forestville Center.

     ·  Dave P. Would Like To Recognize…...Cheryl Thibeault and the Board of Finance for a nice job on the city budget and putting a “Tax Freeze” in place for this year and taking future opportunities on a year by year basis. A good approach! Nice Job

     ·  A New Face In The Crowd…...Tonight the F.V.A. welcomes Chaplain Bob Getz of Post 209 to the monthly meeting.

     ·  One Last Item….The F.V.A. $1,000 Scholarship Recipient for 2017 is Simon Anders of Bristol Central High School! Congratulations Simon!!


City Village Report:

     · City Councilor – (Dave Mills) – No Report

     · Surprise Guest – (State Senator Henri Martin) – Henri Martin visited the membership to keep us informed (1st Hand) of what’s going on in the state. He opened is remarks with his usual candor. Very relaxed, with a choice of joke for the group….Baseball or Coffee. The coffee joke was chosen and the punchline received a few chuckles.

            Henri is currently in his 3rd year as a State Senator and is Chair for both the Banking and Veterans Committee (there are currently 27 different committees). He explained the difficult process of finalizing a state budget with saying, “all cards are on the table as I speak, but it seems as though we are miles apart to try and complete anything by the end of this fiscal year (June 3oth). It’s a mess”! (A 5 billion dollar mess)

             Henri also explained why he voted in favor of a casino in East Windsor. The expected loss of state revenue with Springfield opening a casino weighed heavily on his mind. Plus, we will receive 25% of all slots and unlike Mohegan and Foxwoods, we will also receive 25% of all gaming tables. This will also be the first CT casino not on tribal land. Location is so important. The state has also increased the number of allowed OTB’s from 18-24. Currently the state has 14 OTB locations.

Henri asked the group if they had ever heard of “conversion therapy”. It is for people who struggle with gender identity        and in May, the Governor signed legislation into law (which unanimously cleared the Senate) barring paid health care providers from engaging in this type of therapy, or they could lose their license.


            A couple final items Henri touched on was that (1) the state will never pass a mileage tax (2) There are 4,000 bills proposed every year. At current time the Senate has an 18/18 split, which is a good thing, as in the past, the dems had a majority and were able to just push things through.

             Thank you Henri for stopping by and fielding questions from our group of members. It made for an interesting session!

 · First Deputy, Leo Bonola – No comment on Duck Race or Parade. Dave said enough! 

       Monthly Drawing Winner:  No monthly drawing

· Vice President, Rick Leach: (fearless leader) –  A vote on the bylaws will take place at the July meeting, so please review, as we need to get this done in order to be recognized with the state as a legal entity. 

  • Sending our prayers: After a recent surgery, Rick received some unsettling news, but he is up for the fight and we are all behind him! Please send all your prayers and support! We are behind you Rick!

  • Christine Levesque (F.V.A. Scholarship) – The recipient of the 2017 F.V.A. Scholarship is Simon Anders of Bristol Central High School.

· Cheryl Thibeault (Duck Chair)  - No Report

· Kristen Varano (Facebook Page) - If you have any information, or pictures you would like to share on our Facebook page, please send to Kristen @ kdvarano@comcast.net.

· John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner, FLL) –The weather man did us in! There were plenty of fish, but only 30 kids came out, which is much less than last year’s event. One kid actually caught 55 fish! There were some families that did not have fishing equipment and Troop 20 supplied the families with everything they needed to make the day fun!

       Thank you to the police for their presence at the event. Safety is always a concern. 

  • Note: John presented a plaque to the F.V.A., as well as to Nuchies Restaurant for their continued support.

· Chuck Woodin  (FMDT Parade) – No Report

    If there are any questions, or if you would like to participate on the parade committee in any way, please contact us at (forestvillectparade@gmail.com).

· Bruce Barton  (Post 209 Happenings) –  It is unfortunate that once again the parade had to be cancelled, but rest assured, we will be moving forward with the parade for next year! Post 209 recently held their fishing derby and had a successful, good weather day! The pond was stocked with rainbow trout and 85 people attended! If you are interested in joining our group, we meet every third Monday of the month and are always looking for new members. You can now find Post 209 on Facebook & Instagram.

  • Bob Getz (Post 209 Golf Tournament Chair) – Post 209 is holding its first ever golf tournament on Saturday July 29th at Westwoods Golf Course. This is a fundraiser to help the Post and community! We are looking for foursomes and hole sponsors. The deadline for sign up is July 15th.

· Lt. Rich Guerrera (Community relations officer) – Arrests have been made in the Rockwell Park brawl. Also, there is a permanent medical box now setup at the Police Dept. for the disposal of medical waste, pills, etc. This will help to keep things in a safe spot. Note: Kim C. praised the PD for their quick response to a situation that was developing in the Green Hills neighborhood. There was a car parked by the school on multiple occasions that was suspected of dealing drugs. We placed one call, the PD responded and we haven’t seen the car since. The PD made such a big difference and it seems the department’s moral is up! Thank you!

Treasurer Report:. Mary Jane Lindquist – The Duck Race made $10,000. All accounts are in good standing. The monthly reports are always available at Nuchies

Membership 2017: Mary Jane Lindquist – Current membership for 2017 is (Family 54, Businesses 45).


  • Mulch/Flowers/Plantings, looks good….always room to improve.

  • American Flags on Memorial Day looked awesome! The Exchange Club recognized Frank Owsianko for his commitment throughout the calendar year….Flag Day, etc. Thank You Frank!

  • There is a new landscaper for Central Square…..”Local Choice Landscaping”

  • Memorial Walkway Sign – To help bring attention to the beautiful walkway identifying our veterans and their branch of service.  

  • Maintain Properties – Take a peek at your property for any blight, trash, leaves, etc. Inspire others to tidy up.

Correspondence Report:   Mary Ellen Holden

- Note of Congratulations – To Frank Owsianko for his service to the community

- Note of Thanks Received – From Chamber of Commerce to the F.V.A. Duck Committee for all their hard work

- Note of Thanks Received – From Chamber President Cindy Scoville for Duck Race

-  Note of Sympathy – To Mary Kozikowski for the loss of her husband Bernie

-  Get Well – Sent to Kit Kritchley

-  Get Well – Sent to Rick Leach

Historical Markers:

     ·  Historical Marker #3: 164 Central Street – July Install

     ·  Historical Marker #4: Up Next, Combo History of the Golarz Property/Owsianko Block.  Looking for specific dates and building/property information. (Pat Nocera is helping Dave gather some information)




Fundraising 2017:

     · 2017 Christmas Ornament  – Golarz/Owsianko

Upcoming Events 2017:

· Summer Concert – Tuesday, June 27th  

Next Meeting –Wednesday July 19th,  2017 @ Nuchie’s – Business meeting 12:00pm   (A Lite Lunch will be Served)

If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Lindquist, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010

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Voluntary Donation - $________





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