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June 19th, 2019


President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:

      ·  The Season of Summer…here we go! After the 4th of July, summer just flies by. Before you know it you’re saying…”Where did the summer go!”

      ·  Well, the Wedding is Over…youngest daughter Brianna has married a nice young man (Brian) from Windsor. Now it is time to turn the focus to my oldest daughter Victoria who will give birth to her first child (my first grand baby) at the end of July.

      ·  Welcome All… a lot is happening in the grand city of Bristol. Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu is here tonight to tell us all about it. We are also pleased to welcome the F.V.A. 2019 Scholarship recipient Quinn Vontell and newly appointed Community Relations Officer, Lt. Mark Morello who is replacing our long-time friend Lt. Rich Guerrera who has been promoted to Captain.

      ·  Missing Tonight… our V.P. Rick Leach, who is unfortunately dealing with another medical issue. We are always thinking of you!

      ·  Adding to an Emotional Evening… Our friend and City Councilor Dave Mills will not be seeking re-election. The membership will miss his calm demeanor and leadership. We thank you for always keeping us informed!

      ·  The Al & Jane Spring Clean Up… went well! Thank you to all of those who pitched in. Every “litter” bit helps! It all adds up and gets noticed. Great response and comments from passer byers.

      ·  Thank You for the Recognition… The Bristol Development Authority (Dawn Nielson) had a nice feature on the F.V.A. in their weekly post on Bristol All Heart (May 22). Thank you Dawn for your comments on what a truly special place Forestville is, as well as its people!

      ·  Again We Thank… Frank Owsianko & son Dan for placement of the flags throughout the center. So beautiful and patriotic! Also, please notice the work of Joe Englert, former Mayor Art Ward and side kick Veteran Tim Gamache. Great job!

      ·  FVA Website…You can visit us at www.fvact.org Have you looked lately? Lots of info! Anyone interested in updating?

City Village Report:

      ·  President’s Remarks: Tonight we lead off the City Village Report with Bristol’s Mayor Ellen. It is a pretty unanimous feeling by the F.V.A. that the Mayor is doing an excellent job of governing this city and leaving no stone unturned. She is very involved and extremely hands-on with city related issues and doing what is best for Bristol and its employees. Lets’ give her a warm welcome…

     ·  Mayor of Bristol – (Ellen Zoppo-Sassu):  Bristol has a “healthy outlook” for the future. We strive to balance quality services with not excessively taxing businesses and residents and also continually evaluate departments and programs to establish “best practices.” The city has re-organized departments, eliminated nine positions and is doing more with less. The “Government can’t be run like a business.” We are not about profit, but about people. Bristol has strengthened its relationship with labor unions and the Board of Education. We are making great strides with the Memorial Boulevard School renovation project, as well as the opening of the new Bristol Health building downtown and there continues to be great interest for additional downtown parcels. Bristol’s grand list has added 360 new business and 100 new single family homes.

City Councilors – (Dave Mills): Well, the Mayor covered just about everything. J There are a lot of good things happening in the city. Also, I will not be running for re-election in the fall.

  • President’s Notes: Last newsletter contained a couple areas in Mr. Mill’s report that need correcting…

    • The hospital project is expected to be completed in “June” not July.

    • The section on Memorial Blvd. renovations should have stated all “Plaster” needs to be removed from building, not Plastic.

First Deputy, Leo Bonola (Remarks) – The Oasis restaurant has closed. Bill and Andy have retired. Andy’s son Chris will be opening a new restaurant in August, located at the old Stonewell location. A new owner (Peter) has taken over the Oasis location and it will now be called “Bell City Diner”. He also has a diner in New Harford.

Monthly Drawing Winner:  Linda Lubrico



Vice President, Rick Leach: (fearless leader) – Not present - (Get well Rick….we miss you!)

John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner, FLL) – The Pine Lake Fishing Derby was another success. This year the weather was beautiful! There were over 20 kids participating in the competition. One kid used a lure to catch a 22.5” largemouth bass! The mayor hinted to the surface pollution issues at Pine Lake stemming from the Superior Electric property. There is an environment group of army core engineers working on the clean-up operation. They will have to dredge the Superior Electric property all the way to Pine Lake. The lake will need to be drained. This is still in the early stages and there will need to be permits. The expectation is to start next year. The fish have been tested and are okay. Once completed, the dredged up pathway will remain and become a nature walkway.

Captain Rich Guerrera (Former Community relations officer)  - There is a new Community Relations Officer with me tonight. A great guy…Lt. Mark Morello. Also…the sign has been fixed. It was a state sign, so needed to be taken care of at that level.

·  Lt. Mark Morello (Community relations officer)  - The captains right, I am a great guy! J I hope to follow in the captain shoes and will do my best to make meetings.

Bruce Barton (Post 209) – No Report

F.V.A. Scholarship, Christine L.: Congratulations to  Quinn Vontell, the F.V.A. 2019 Scholarship Award recipient. Quinn is a graduate of Bristol Central High School and will be attending Bryant University in the fall where his studies will be in the field of business & economics. Good Luck Quinn and congratulations!!

  • President’s Notes: Quinn is a very nice young man. He addressed the group quite professionally and was very thankful for this award.

Joan Trafford (Seeking Assistance) – My granddaughter is taking a trip in October where she will be doing volunteer work. It is a trip that will cost $1600 and she needs to fund on her own. She is seeking donations and to this point has raised $190 in May, and $415 in June, but still a long way from her goal. She is also in need of medical supplies, such as gloves, masks, band aids, etc… If you would like to donate in any way, or would like additional information, please let me know. All donated supplies can be brought to Nuchies Restaurant. Thank you for your consideration.

Correspondence Report:   Maryellen Holden

- Get Well Sent – To Rick Leach

- Note of Thanks Sent  -  To Frank Owsianko for flags in Forestville

- Note of Thanks Sent  - To Joe Englert & his team for flags in the city.

Treasurer Report: Joan Trafford – All accounts are in good standing. All monthly reports are available at Nuchies.

Membership 2019: Joan Trafford – It is time to renew your membership. Current 2019 Totals: Family – 60,

           Business – 44.


  • The center island has been run into 2 times in the past week. Cars going too fast misjudge the turn and go right up on the island taking out the flower beds. A lot of clean up needs to be done.

  • Saved money again… doing our own planting at Central Square. Working along with Penny (and her perennials) as well as some store bought items, we were able to beautify the area and save close to $1400 with not having to bring in the landscapers. It looks great!

Historical Markers:

      ·  Rex Hamilton Marker: Will be placed in the Central Square Island Bed.       

      ·  Historical Marker #7: Manross Library Is next on the docket. Christine has done some really nice work putting together some pertinent information on the property, with additional information provided by Tommy Ducks. Need to work with the library on approval of install location.

      ·  Historical Marker #8: Betty Boukus, to be placed in the Honor Circle

Fundraising 2019:

     · Pasta Dinner – Fall date to come. Food, some comedy and raffles. No Auction!

     · Suggestions (?)

Upcoming Events 2019:

     · TBA


Next Meeting

Wednesday July 17th,  2019 @ Nuchie’s – Meeting Time 12:00pm (Noon)



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