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November 16th, 2016


President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:    

     ·  And So It Begins…..with the tapping of the “magical” Olga mallet, the 9th and final meeting of 2016 is called to order. Can you believe it?! There is a small crowd gathered for tonight’s meeting, but I realize everyone is busy. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your holidays!

     ·  Once Again……throughout this F.V.A. calendar year of events, weather has played a dismal role. This time, the Fall Pumpkin Festival absorbed the blow. Due to rain, the event had to be cancelled. We will just have to try again next year. Sandy G. and her company of volunteers had planned this seasonal event with great expectations. They worked very hard and their time and efforts are greatly appreciated!! Sandy G. Festival Report/Comments (abridged ver.): As you probably know, for the first time, our 11th Annual Pumpkin Festival was rained out. Dozens of scarecrow makers and pumpkin carvers loudly expressed their disappointment. I was grateful the weathermen’s predictions were right on, as it poured the hours of our scheduled event. I’d like to thank the entire pumpkin clan, over 20 dedicated people, who attended meetings and did the prep work to make our event successful. Thank you for donating candy for the 300 gift & goody bags! Thank you to all our sponsors! We have not changed our policy on vendors, people promoting anything, etc. Our event is strictly for people to enjoy, not be bothered, or solicited. I hope this is made quite clear! We were told the orange lights we strung were the best ever. Unfortunately, Joe & I never saw them, as they were out most of the time. And finally, we have the money, so I strongly urge the F.V.A. to invest in properly wiring the park so this won’t happen at the Carol Sing, or the Pumpkin Festival next year.

      ·  As We Reference…...weather related F.V.A. events, Veteran’s day was also encountered with high wind gusts, but the event went on as scheduled. It is only fitting that we show our respect for these fine men and women who committed themselves to this country and gave the ultimate sacrifice of protecting the people in it! Thank You!!

     ·  Speaking of  Country…...how about the President-Elect, Donald Trump! A need for change was elected by the people, so let’s give him the chance he deserves. Congratulations to all elected officials: Henri Martin, Cara Pavalock, Whit Betts, Chris Ziogas.

     ·  A Big Welcome…...to a new face in the crowd, tonight’s guest speaker, the Superintendent of Bristol Schools, Dr. Ellen Solek. Dr. Solek explained her position as your Superintendent, currently presiding over 8,300 students. She states that we live in a “Top Notch” District, with wonderful teachers and administrators! Ellen stressed the importance of realizing that in this day and age, students are not only judged by their test scores, but also by their “human side” pertaining to community involvement (extra-curricular activities, fundraising, coat drives, etc…).  Dr. Solek also explained that in observance of Veterans Day, some schools invited Vets in for lunch to share some of their stories of what it was like to fight in a war. The students benefitted greatly! In regards to cell phone use in school, at times it can be beneficial to lesson planning Ellen states, but teachers do collect them before class.  There is the importance of having them available when it comes to parent communications. In closing, Dr. Solek reminded us that the Board of Ed. squeezes value out of every dollar, but we have to cut down on costs, as the budget deficit is expected to grow state wide, which presents challenges for us to maintain teachers to interact with our kids. We need and appreciate all your support! This was my first time meeting Dr. Solek and it was wonderful having her at our meeting. Very insightful and well spoken! Thanks very much Ellen!

    ·  All Aboard…...We are headed to Mohegan Sun on Saturday Jan. 7th, 2017. Line your group up now for this great F.V.A. fundraiser! Rolling the dice for a “10” (buses).

    ·  The Annual Carol Sing…...Is now officially set for Tuesday Dec. 20th, 6:30pm at Central Square. Once again, our organizer and emcee will be the one and only, Mary Lynn Gagnon (fresh off her well-deserved Ace Award)! Come join us for the festivities!

    ·  Annual Turkey Shoot…...results are in. We sold 11 sheets, with a $110 profit.

    ·  A Bristol Promoter…...I would like to take a moment and bring attention to a selfless man. A Navy Vet, former Bristol Mayor and a friend, Bill Stortz. Mr. Stortz has been a fixture in this community for many, many years and has given of himself on many an occasion, with never the expectation of personal gratitude. Personally speaking, Bill has attended more “meaningful” events at Nuchies then anyone I could ever imagine. He is a constant supporter of Church and Community. Most recently, former mayor Stortz attended our Veteran’s Day Service and started it by providing the opening prayer. Since there was no scheduled guest speaker, Bill stepped in and provided that segment as well. Then, to end the service, there had to be someone to provide the closing prayer and you guessed it, Bill Stortz was our man. Bill has always been there. I would wager a bet that his many times as a community organizer/speaker, along with his time as a Eucharistic Minister, nobody has done more, or cared more for Bristol. He is one great man! Thanks for all you do Bill!

City Village Report:

      · City Councilor (Dave Mills)  – The always timely Mr. Mills shares with our membership, all the pertinent information about our city. Here is what he had to say this month:

  • The city is moving forward with receiving quotes on the feasibility of City Hall moving to Memorial Blvd. What would be the cost of renovating the school and bringing it up to code, versus doing the current required renovations to City Hall.

  • There will be another request for extension by Bristol Hospital in regards to the Centre Square (formally Depot Square) property. We anticipated seeing a shovel in the ground this year. The people of Bristol don’t want to wait.

  • The Veterans Day services were very well attended!


 First Deputy, Leo Bonola – The 2016 Christmas ornament (The Duck Race), is now on sale. We have also replenished stock of the O’Brien Funeral Home ornament from 2015 for those who were unable to get one.  President’s remarks: Once again, Leo set the stage for the Veteran’s Day Service. Always a job well done!

  • Monthly Drawing Winner:  Bruce Lindquist – Gift Card to 150 Central

· Vice President, Rick Leach (Veteran Leadership) – The Veterans Day Service went well. A true tale of America and its Vets. A short service, but always calming and filled with substance.  There are no new updates on the bylaws, as once they are rewritten and proofed, we will then vote to adopt.

· Kristen Varano (Facebook Page, FLL) - If you have any information, or pictures you would like to share on our Facebook page, please send to Kristen @ kdvarano@comcast.net.

· Paul Kawalczyk (F.V.A. Website) – contact Paul with any new material, or updates to be shared on our website. President’s remarks: Website looks great! Check it out!

· John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner) – All is well! No new report.

· Bruce Barton  (Post 209 Spokesperson) –  No new developments.

· Post 209 (FMDP) – Potential Fundraiser in April 2017

· Lt. Rich Guerrera (Community relations officer) – Due to the concern with theft during the holiday season, there will be extra patrol on the streets. There will also be additional DWI check points. We will be holding our annual toy drive from Nov. 21st – Dec. 19th. If you would like to participate, please bring an unwrapped toy for children between the ages of 1-12, to the police dept., front desk. President’s Remarks: The F.V.A. plans to help with the toy drive.

    The state federal grant for the Bristol Fire Dept. smoke detector program is not yet available. It could be 2 more months. The public will be notified through media reports.

Treasurer Report: Mary Jane Johnson –All is well with our finances and all reports are always available at Nuchies. 

Membership 2016: Mary Jane Johnson – Our membership currently stands at 80 Families and 50 Businesses. It is never too late to pay your dues. Your $20 (family) / $50 (business) investment goes a long way! Membership forms are always available at Nuchies. If you are unsure if you have already renewed, please contact Mary Jane Johnson @ janie06010@gmail.com. Also accepting “In Memory/Honor Of” Memorial donations.

Beautification (The Staple Of Our Base):

  • Christmas Center Decorating - Saturday Dec. 3rd.

  • Quinlan Bricks –10 bricks available if anyone is interested. Would make for a great Christmas gift.

Correspondence Report:   Mary Ellen Holden

 - Note of Thanks Received – From Sandy Gozzo for help with the Pumpkin Festival

           - Note of Thanks Received – From Allison Owsianko for the F.V.A.’s support during her time as Miss Forestville

           - Note of Congratulations – To Lt. Mark Moskowitz on his retirement

           - Note of Welcome - to Bob Sports Chalet on Pine Street

 Historical Markers:

      ·  Historical Marker #3: (164 Central Property) – Need info on rear property.

Upcoming Events 2016/2017:

      · 2016 F.V.A. Carol Sing – Tuesday Dec. 20th at 6:30pm.


      · 2016 Christmas Ornament (13th) – “The Duck Race” – Now available for sale. Also, we now have replenished stock of the 2015 ornament (O’Brien Funeral Home).

      · Mohegan Sun Bus Trip – Saturday, Jan. 7th, 2017 – Make your reservations today.

      · Post 209 – Pasta Dinner to benefit the parade?



Next FVA meeting – Wednesday January 18th,  2017 – Nuchie’s – Business meeting 5:30pm


Dinner provided by Nuchies starting at 4:30pm with the Ceremonial “Reading of the Card”

If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Johnson, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010

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