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October 19th, 2016


President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:    

     ·  Wow!…..what a nice size group of “enthusiastic” membership that has gathered for this month’s meeting! Very nice to see! This would include a Welcome Back to our very own Olga “Mallet” Froncazk!

     ·  Pumpkins, Crows & Stalks……The village is looking great! All in tune with our Pumpkin Festival!

      ·  Fall Festival…...Sandy reports that all is well! Please note the time change of a 5:30 start time. This will help better “illuminate” the pumpkins. All activities will take place on the bridge. Come on down and enjoy with us. Lots of Fun!

     ·  Carve A Pumpkin…...or enter a Scarecrow. Joan Trafford’s guidelines are available at Nuchies

     ·  Buses Are Reserved…...and warming up for the annual Mohegan Sun Trip. This year’s trip on Saturday Jan. 7th, 2017, promises to be the best one yet! Ten buses is the goal! Please show your support! Sign up your group! Be part of the record breaking trip. Flyers are available at Nuchies.

    ·  Election of Officers (2017 Slate)…...Keeping with our long running tradition, it’s a welcome relief to have our very own Rob Newton call the election formality. The results are in: President – Dave Pasqualicchio, Vice President – Rick Leach,                    First Deputy – Leo Bonola, Treasurer – Mary Jane Johnson, Secretary – CACO Print Productions

    ·  Speaking of Elections…...A reminder that Nov. 8th is your time to let your voice be heard. Please do your part. Get out and vote.  

    ·  B.S.H.O.F…...Ceremony will be held on Friday, Nov. 18th at The Double Tree. One of this year’s inductees is Frank “The General” Owsianko. A very deserving recognition! Tickets are $40. - F.V.A. member Bob Kalat had some very nice words to say about the induction and requested a $100 donation towards the program booklet.

    ·  Great News!…...Chuck Woodin is NOT stepping back as chair of the Forestville Memorial Day Parade and he will be holding a fundraiser in April of 2017. 

    ·  Tonight We Welcome…...A new face in the crowd, Green Hills Family Resource Officer Jill Daigle. Also in house are State Rep. Henry Martin and State Rep. Cara Pavalock. It is nice to see Post 209 represented and always good to see F.V.A. watchdog Helen Lobaczewski. Nice to see Patti Woolverton has recovered!

City Village Report:

• First Up, State Rep. Cara Pavalock – As the candidate reflects back on her first term, she notes that there was “not much   fighting” and they were “pretty much in agreement, except when it came to Guns and the Deficit”. When it comes  to Cara’s counterpart she states, “Henri and I pretty much agree on everything”.

• Next Up, State Senator, Henri Martin – Mr. Martin opened his comments with a joke and then quickly turned to the state budget deficit, which next year will be at $1.3 Billion and the following year, $1.4 Billion. Henri states, “It needs to be fixed, but to do so will be painful”. Henri reminds us that businesses continue to move out of the state and he welcomes the challenge of his opponent Mike Nicastro.  In closing, State Rep. Martin thanked the F.V.A. for having him and handed out “Oh Henry” Candy Bars.

      · City Councilor (Dave Mills)  – Dave always take ample time from his busy schedule to outline what is the current “buzz” in Bristol. Here is what he had to say”

  • Proud to say that Bristol’s bond rating has been elevated to AAA. This makes it easier to borrow money! (Cheryl T.    states “this is good news”)

  •  The Bristol Water Dept. has announced an immediate mandatory shutdown of outside watering of any kind. The reservoir is below 50%.

  •  The synthetic football fields at both Bristol Central and Bristol Eastern HS have been completed. Have you seen them? They are incredible! Drive by and check them out! In the past, if it would rain, the game would be postponed, but now the games can be played!

  •  The Bristol City Hall move to Memorial Boulevard could fit. It would need a lot of work. A report will be released this November on the cost related to either City Hall remaining where it is (with required updates), and the cost to relocate to the Boulevard.

  •  There are 8 or 9 developers interested in the downtown development (Hospital Piece) of Centre Square. There is also interest in other parcels.

The Bristol All Heart Program is in limbo. The Chamber has pulled back on its partnership with the city and will no longer split the payroll cost for All Heat Director Mark Walerysiak, who has done a great job in the position. The position has now been posted and so far 26 people have shown interest. The position pays between $52,000 - $72,000, depending upon experience. In the interim, BDA Justin Malley will take over until the position is filled.




    No Meeting In December


       · First Deputy, Leo Bonola – Sandy and Co. are doing a great job with the fall festival! Please support her and come join us on the night of Oct. 30th. Veterans Day is Friday Nov. 11th and the staging area will be all set for the service. Just a reminder, don’t wait until the last minute to sign up for the Mohegan Sun Bus Trip! President’s remarks: Leo is the grand cheerleader for all, always promoting with kind words! He is such a big help, especially when it comes to all center chores! Thanks Leo!

  • Monthly Drawing Winner:  John Pompei - $20 Gift Card to Rt. 72 Liquors

· Vice President, Rick Leach (Veteran Leadership) – This year’s Veterans Day Services will be held on Friday, Nov. 11th, 1pm, at Quinlan Park. The program is currently being outlined. Anyone wishing to take part, please contact Rick Leach, or Leo Bonola. By-Laws: We have been reviewing the original by-laws established in 2002 and are looking to revise where needed. Many questions have been asked and here are just a few.

  • Does the F.V.A. have a seal as indicated in the original by-laws – No, the F.V.A. has a logo, not a seal.

  • Is the F.V.A. considered a corporation, or an organization – The F.V.A. is considered an organization, as a corporation requires a recording secretary.

  • Current By-Laws require a minimum number of members at a meeting – there is no minimum

  • How many votes does a member have – Each member has one vote and must be present to use it.

  • Who can vote on behalf of a business, or non-profit – Need follow up

  • Is there a type of “will” if the F.V.A. were to dissolve – There is still clarity required in this area, as it has never been needed before.

  • Discussions will continue at November meeting.

· Kristen Varano (Facebook Page, FLL) - If you have any information, or pictures you would like to share on our Facebook page, please send to Kristen @ kdvarano@comcast.net.

· John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner) – All is well! Lake looks beautiful, especially this time of year. Reflections of the seasons change. Also, the water level is low.

· Bruce Barton  (Post 209 Spokesperson) –  Legion Post 209 presented the F.V.A. with a check for $100, to go towards the Pumpkin Festival. Also the post is a conducting a fundraiser as we speak, from 5-9pm at the 99 Restaurant. It’s been a slow Autumn, but we are still growing in membership.

· Post 209 (FMDP) – Potential Fundraiser in April 2017

· Lt. Rich Guerrera (Community relations officer) – Prescriptions (pills) for disposal, can be dropped off at the PD. on Saturday Oct. 22nd. •  Lt. Mark Moskowitz has retired after 40 years. • There will be a follow up to Fire Chief Kolakoski in regards to Dave’s question on if a fire alarm program exists.  (Q&A) – Question: (Penny C) – Is it a State Law that when approaching a cross walk in your vehicle, a pedestrian has the right of way? It’s crazy out there! – Answer: Yes, a pedestrian at a crosswalk always has the right of way and the oncoming vehicle should stop and let the pedestrian pass.

Treasurer Report: Mary Jane Johnson –All is well with our finances and all reports are always available at Nuchies. 

Membership 2016: Mary Jane Johnson – Our membership currently stands at 80 Families and 50 Businesses. President’s remarks: These are great numbers and Mary Jane’s persistence has paid off! Thank You MJ and great job!

         It is never too late to pay your dues. Your $20 (family) / $50 (business) investment goes a long way! Membership forms are always available at Nuchies. If you are unsure if you have already renewed, please contact Mary Jane Johnson @ janie06010@gmail.com. Also accepting “In Memory/Honor Of” Memorial donations. Presidents Note: Mary Jane has done a great job sending out reminders and our new numbers really reflex that. Thanks for all you do Mary Jane!

Beautification (The Staple Of Our Base):

  • Thank you Sandy & Joe for setting up the Golarz store front! The fall theme looks great!

  • The Halloween center lights look great!

  • Cheryl Thibeault will look into a possible interaction with the Art Squad to dress up the Golarz windows for the holidays.

  • Quinlan Bricks (4th Phase) – Is completed! All 15 bricks have been installed by Mr. Bob Martel. There is room for an additional 10 bricks if anyone is interested. Would make for a great Christmas gift.

  • Property Recognition: We have 2 this month – 1.) Nancy & Chris at 90 Rowe Place - 2.) Donald & Patty at 57 Vernon St. (Halloween display)

Correspondence Report:   Mary Ellen Holden

 - Note of Sympathy  – To the family of Karen Doyon

           - Notes of Thanks  Received – From Reggie Roy, for note sent from F.V.A. for the passing of her mom

           - Thinking Of You – To Olga Fronczak

           - Note of Congratulations – CT. Town Clerk of the Year, Theresa Pac

           - Note of Congratulations – To Mary Lynn Gagnon, as a recipient of the 2016 Ace Award

           - Note of Congratulations – To Bill Gonsalves for the Grand Opening of Bob Sports Chalet on Pine Street

 Historical Markers:

      ·  Historical Marker #3: (164 Central Property) – Need info on rear property.


Upcoming Events 2016/2017:

· Pumpkin Festival – Sunday, October 30th

      · Veterans Day Ceremony – Friday, Nov. 11th

      · 2016 Carol Sing – Check with Mary Lynn Gagnon on Availability – Possibly Monday Dec. 19th?


      · Turkey Shoot – Nov. 16th. Stop down to Nuchies and pick up a sheet       

      · 2016 Christmas Ornament (13th) – “The Duck Race” – Now available for sale. Also, we now have replenished stock of the 2015 ornament (O’Brien Funeral Home).

      · Mohegan Sun Bus Trip – Saturday, Jan. 7th, 2017 – Make your reservations today.

Next FVA meeting – Wednesday November 16th,  2016 – Nuchie’s – Business meeting 5:30pm

If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Johnson, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010

Individual/ Family- $20.00_____, Non-Profit- $25.00______, Business - $50.00_______

Voluntary Donation - $________





Let us remember to support the businesses and non- profit organizations, who support us!

Albert & Korn, CPA’s


Korean Veterans Association Bristol

Allied Sanitation, Inc.


Lassy Tools, Inc.


American Clock & Watch Museum


LFD Bristol, Inc.


American Legion Bristol Post #2

Marilyn’s Pub


American Legion Forestville Post 209


Martel Home Improvement


Arf Arf Grooming, LLC


Max Pizza


Arrow Manufacturing


Nuchies Restaurant


Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc.


Nye Insurance Agency


Black Bear Auto, LLC


O’Brien Funeral Home


Bristol Instrument and Gears, Inc.


One Fifty Central


Bristol Police Union Local 754

Palma’s Diner


CACO Print Productions, LLC


Peter Roberge Painting Company


City True Value Hardware


Power Fuels


Classic Plumbing By Reno


RB Transmissions, LLC


Cousins Oil


Redshed Christmas Trees


Crowley Auto Group


Rt. 72 Liquors


DTF Remodeling, LLC.


Sassu Cuts, LLC (Joseph)


Farmington  Bank


Scarritt Spas & Hot Tubs, LLC




Simply Hair


First Class Automotive, LLC


St. Joseph Polish Society


Fletcher Properties


St. Matthew R.C. Church


Fontaine Mechanical Heating & A/C


TD Bank

Forestville Lawn Care


The Healing Corner


Forestville Little League


The Ultimate Companies, Inc.


Greater Bristol Labor Council


Tollman Spring Co.


Green Hills PTA


United Way of W.C. CT


Hartford County Tattoo


Webster Bank – Forestville


Hillside Community Church


White Insulation, Inc.


Italian Social Club



Please Renew Your 2016 Membership


    Happy Holidays!


    No Meeting In December