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September 18th, 2019



President, Dave Pasqualicchio Report:

      ·  The Month of September…its fall…do you believe it! Get out there and mum up/clean up and inspire family & friends to do the same. It can be contagious! The leaves start to turn and we transition ourselves into this wonderful time of year. Pumpkins, turkeys and the holidays are all right around the corner.

      ·  Fall Pasta Dinner…The date is set for Thursday Nov. 14th @ 5:00pm. A chance to have a nice dinner with family and/or friends. Some good conversation and a few laughs. Maybe even raise some money at the end of it all. No hard work, just a relaxing evening. A possible tribute to a good friend may be in the works as well.

      ·  It’s Election Time… Can you believe it! It is time once again to elect our most deserving members to office. Not only city wide (Mayor and council) but within the F.V.A. as well. According to the by-laws, our election of officers must take place in October. All positions are available. Change can be good. Maybe a new direction? Hopefully Robley Newton will be able to make the “Robo Call” again this year.

      ·  Turkey Shoot… Sheets will be available at the October meeting. Please pick up your sheet for this good little fundraiser.

      ·  Mohegan Sun Bus Trip… It will be here before you know it! The date still remains to be the first Saturday in January (Jan. 4th, 2020). We had 9 buses last year, as well as a few problems. One of the buses broken down and it poured out…but there wasn’t any snow! This is our largest fundraiser and it kicks off right in the first week of the year. Come one…Come All for lots of fun and unexpected happenings. Flyers will be available soon.

      ·  FVA Website…You can visit us at www.fvact.org Have you looked lately? Lots of info! Anyone interested in updating?


City Village Report:

     ·  City Councilors: No Report

  • Presidents Notes: All council hopefuls as well as Mayoral candidates are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to address our membership. Cheryl Thibeault is seeking election in the 3rd District and has asked if anyone would like a yard sign.


      ·  First Deputy, Leo Bonola (Remarks) –

              Presidents Notes: Leo has decided it is time to let you know what is going on in Forestville, so he will be extending his allotted time of 2 minutes….

  • Bring back business gift cards ($20.00) for our monthly raffle.

  • St. Matthew Church tag sale is on Saturday Sept. 21 @ 1 pm. Lots of stuff! Things are going in a new direction with Father Dietrich.

  • The Rex Hamilton Marker Ceremony last month was really nice. Thanks Dave!

  • Plans for Veterans Day Service being held on Monday Nov. 11th are underway.

  • Happy Birthday Maryellen Holden!

  • Everyone please try to attend the retirement party for Dave Mills.

  • Congratulations to Post 209’s Bruce Barton who is receiving the Legionnaire of the Year Award!

  • I feel it is time for us to support a much needed cause and make a donation to Linda Lubrico and The Miss Bristol/Forestville Scholarship Organization. There pageants cost over $3,000, with the school rental alone being $85/hr. Presidents Notes: The F.V.A. will donate $300 to this organization!

  • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church along with Post 209 will be sponsoring Juke Box Bingo on Oct. 26th @ 6PM. Cost is $10 per card.

Monthly Drawing Winner:  Roy Diyulio - $20 Gift Certificate to Bell City Diner

 Vice President, Rick Leach: (fearless leader) – No Report

  John Gianoni (Pine Lake Commissioner, FLL) –

  • McCabe beat Forestville Little League for the City Championship

  • Pine Lake presented Bob Getz (Post 209) with a plaque for helping with the Fishing Derby in the Spring.

  • The city had a meeting about the clean-up of the area behind Superior Electric to Pine Lake. It will require the removal of approx. 600 trees and the removal of a foot of soil running the entire area. The worst part in behind Superior Electric. The city has a long way to go to secure the necessary permits. We are at least a year away, but all in all it should help beautify the area, along with a possible Bike Trail. Superior will be picking up the tab for the pollution.

  • Bruce Barton (Post 209) –

  • The Memorial Day Parade went very well and we will be doing it again in 2020. Thank you to all the sponsors, participants, and parade viewers. I did create a “Thank You” letter to all and sent it to both the Observer and Bristol Press to publish, but neither one did so.

  • Please consider supporting the Post. It only cost $40 per year for this non-profit organization. It goes to help support our many projects and events. Especially when it comes to Veterans assistance.

  • Lt. Mark Morello (Community relations officer)  -

  • In follow up to the question asked at the last meeting about trucks on the blvd. and possible increased patrol, we have found after some research that a GPS app has been directing these vehicles to the Blvd……

  • The PD Prescription Drug Take Back Program will be at Walmart on Oct. 26th from 10AM to 2PM.

  • Wendy T. Stated: I have dialed police numerous times to complain about loud music in the neighbors back yard. They would lower their music, only to start playing in loud again a short time later. Lt. Response: There is an ordinance in place of a daytime decimal reading that needs to be abided by. Also, please remember, when dialing the Police dispatcher from your cell phone, you need to indicate what town you are calling from.


Correspondence Report:   Maryellen Holden

- Note of Thanks – Received from Diane Hamilton (Rex Hamilton Family)

- Note of Thanks – Received from Kolbie Brenner

- Note of Thanks – Received from Bristol Boys & Girls Club (for spring appeal $100 donation)

- Get Well Sent – To Gary Santorso

Treasurer Report:. Mary Jane Lindquist – We had F.V.A. monies in Farmington Bank/Peoples Bank, but they are not an F.V.A. Business member. When asked if they would consider joining, they said “NO”. Webster Bank is currently an F.V.A. Business member, so we will be taking the monies we had with Peoples Bank and moving it over to Webster Bank. We received a $1600 invoice from Local Choice Landscaping for our irrigation system, but there was no itemized breakdown as to how we accrued this amount. After questioning an itemized invoice has now been received. Presidents Notes: I have suspending work from Local Choice Landscaping and have hired Troy from Chris Irrigation. All accounts are in good standing. All monthly reports are available at Nuchies.

Membership 2019: Mary Jane Lindquist – 2019 Totals: Family – 67, Business – 45.  (always room for improvement)


  • What a nice job of clean-up at Asbury Methodist Church! Thank you Wayne Bacon for your hard work!

  • Roberge shrubs/Junipers look good! Nicely done!

  • The comments are unbelievable! Forestville is Looking Good!


Historical Markers:   

      ·  Historical Marker #7: Manross Library Is next on the docket.

      ·  Historical Marker #8: Betty Boukus, to be placed in the Honor Circle (need info)

Fundraising 2019/2020:

     · Pasta Dinner – Nov. 14th @ 5PM

     · Mohegan Sun Bus Trip – Jan. 4th, 2020



Next Meeting –Wednesday October 16th,  2019 @ Nuchie’s – Meeting Time 5:30pm


If you have not already renewed your membership, please renew by sending your check payable to….               Forestville Village Association, c/o Mary Jane Lindquist, 81 Spark Avenue, Forestville, CT. 06010

Individual/ Family- $20.00_____, Non-Profit- $25.00______, Business - $50.00_______

Voluntary Donation - $________






Let us remember to support the businesses and non- profit organizations, who support us!


Albert & Korn, CPA’s


Hillside Community Church


Allied Sanitation, Inc.


Korean Veterans Association Bristol


American Clock & Watch Museum


Martel Home Improvement, LLC


American Legion Forestville Post 209


Max Pizza


Arf Arf Grooming, LLC


M.R. Home Care, Inc.


Arrow Manufacturing


Nuchies Restaurant


Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc.


Nye Insurance Agency


Black Bear Auto, LLC


O’Brien Funeral Home


Bristol Instrument Gears, Inc.


One Fifty Central


Bristol Police Union

Peter Roberge Painting Company


Broad Street Self Storage


Red Shed Christmas Trees


CACO Print Productions, LLC


RB Transmissions, LLC


City True Value Hardware


Rt. 72 Liquors


Costello Landscaping, LLC


Scarritt Spas & Hot Tubs, LLC


Classic Plumbing By Reno


SERVPRO of Bristol


Crowley Auto Group


Simply Hair


DTF Remodeling, LLC.


St. Joseph Polish Society




St. Matthew R.C. Church


Fletcher Properties


The Healing Corner


Forestville Lawn Care


Ultimate Wireforms, Inc.


Forestville Little League


Tollman Spring Co.


Hartford County Tattoo


United Way of W.C. CT


Webster Bank – Forestville








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